Did You Know Over 70% of the Global Workforce is Disengaged? Is Yours?

Engage & Grow™ Group Activation System
For over 10 years, The Radical Leap Company has provided executive coaching, consulting and training to leaders and business owners internationally. We are, therefore, really pleased to be working strategically with Engage & Grow™ Global, providing a revolutionary tried and tested fast-track program to engage employees from top-down with high impact results in only 12 weeks. The Engage & Grow™ Group Activation System is an employee engagement solution like no other on the market. This revolutionary action-based system is a weekly, facilitated, group session that is customised for any business. It is specifically designed to activate the minds of your employees by tapping into the finer points of neurology and the science of motivation. You may be pleased to know no papers and pens are required during sessions. Every member of the team is fully immersed in the process of transformation with outstanding results
STEP 1: Focus on 3 Key Areas of Business

We begin by focusing on three areas of your business; Systems, Behaviours and Culture.

STEP 2: Develop 12 Engagement Keys

Together we develop 12 ‘Engagement Keys’ aligned to your key areas of focus and customised for every business and employee.

STEP 3: Tracking and Accountability

Over the 12-week period, each engagement key is tracked and reported on, per employee, creating transparency and accountable for success.



Engagement increases by as much as 300%. Imagine the difference that can make to your company culture and bottomline.


The Group Activation System unearths leadership potential that is laying dormant in your people.


Radical Leap Leadership DevelopmentEngaged employees get more done in less time. The Group Activation System will increase individual as well as collective productivity.


More dedicated employees means an increase in profits through higher performance and productivity.
A study by global consultancy, Deloitte, found that for businesses to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace, investment in employee engagement is a must. Employee disengagement has a direct impact on team performance and productivity, which ultimately drive profits down. No organisation wants that. Your first step in finding a solution for your organisations is to get in contact with us to take a free confidential survey to measure the level of engagement in your business. After that, we will help you implement the The Twelve Week Challenge for your employees (between 6 – 12 in a group) to increase performance, productivity and profits through improved engagement.

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