Higher Performance Solutions for Leaders
If you want to lead with more impact and influence, you need the ability to drive the vision and influence others to commit to shared objectives so together you can grow an organisation that can not only compete globally but also still make a positive impact locally. Our solutions are designed to help you lead with more impact and influence, and to grow an organisation you can be proud of.
Higher Performance Solutions for Leaders

Executive Coaching is an experiential process that happens in “real time” within the context of the executive’s job to enhance productivity and performance. Motivation for seeking out coaching may revolve around personal skills development, personal excellence, achieving balance, handling stress or overwhelm, leading or managing people, effective communication, conflict resolution or career progression / transition.

Working for over 10 years with high-level professionals, we’ve seen our clients overcome an array of challenges including, but not limited to:

  • Lack of clarity – which affects focus and progress in life and business
  • Lack of confidence – which impacts communication and influence required for leadership and organisational growth
  • Lack of strategy – not knowing where to start or how to execute plans of action
  • Lack of structure – which wastes valuable time and resources
  • Low productivity – not achieving required results in a timely and effective manner
  • Poor performance – which hinders team and organisational progress
  • Ineffective leadership – impacting influence and team building for organisational growth
  • Performance paralysis – zero action which equals no achievement and demoralisation
  • Poor communication – impacting on valuable business relationships and ability to drive vision
  • Stress, overwhelm and burnout – which has a direct impact on health and wellbeing as well as performance and profits

These tend to be common challenges for professionals at senior or c-suite level. The support of an experienced certified and accredited coach can help greatly to minimise or eliminate the impact of these challenges.



HOW IT WORKS:  This option is initiated by the individual executive and paid for personally, not by the organisation. Get in touch with us to begin your journey today.

Professionals and executives at senior level of organisation turn to performance coaching to help them develop leadership skills, build teams, manage projects effectively or meet personal and career objectives. Once coaching begins and results are achieved, what often happens is executives request follow-on coaching and reinforcement in order to sustain changes in behaviour and performance, or to take on new challenges.

Meetings are usually held either over the phone or via video conference. Included in this option are:

  • Goal setting and action planning
  • DISC personality profiling and debrief
  • Personalised leadership development
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Six or twelve one-hour sessions taken over a six month period
  • Email and telephone support in between sessions



HOW IT WORKS:  This option is initiated by the individual executive and paid for personally, not by the organisation. Get in touch with us to begin your journey today.

Corporate Performance Coaching is most effective when organisations or professionals are dedicated to supporting the coaching process to ensure lasting change and transformation. CPC helps executives develop stronger leadership skills, build more engaged teams, manage projects effectively, and design personal development plans to meet both personal and organisational objectives. 

Meetings are usually a mix of phone or video conference, and face-to-face with prior arrangement. This option includes:

  • Establishing specific and measurable goals
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan
  • Personality profiling and debrief
  • Six or twelve one-hour sessions taken over a six month period
  • Telephone and e-mail support in between sessions
  • Job shadowing
  • Telephone interviews with a minimum of six colleagues / direct reports



HOW IT WORKS: This option is arranged for the executive via Human Resources or another senior executive, and paid for by the organisation as part of L&D. We will carry out a needs assessment and hold a telephone meeting with corporate representative(s) to establish desired outcomes and reporting requirements. This will be followed by an initial session with the client to set the framework for the coaching relationship.

Whether you are a new or seasoned leader, we can help you design and implement an effective leadership strategy to boost performance, productivity and profits. We have extensive experience working at board level and with C-suite executives. Our leadership advisory service may be just what you need to help you tap into unlimited inspiration and create a strategic and workable growth plan in anticipation of what the future holds for yourself, your team or your organisation.



HOW IT WORKS: This option is arranged for the organisation via Human Resources or the leadership of the organisation. We will travel to your location / city / country to work with your leader(s) and formulate an effective growth plan for increased performance, productivity and profits.

We understand just how busy leaders can be – work, business, life, volunteering, socialising. With this demand on your time, we leverage technology to offer customised e-learning to help leaders elevate their performance and accelerate success. To make this programme truly effective, we will carry out a needs assessment and create or curate the best material for your learning, offer you an accountability framework that works for you and review your progress at regular intervals. If you have team, we can customise the learning for specific outcomes. Please speak to us about your needs.



HOW IT WORKS:  This option is can be initiated by either the individual executive and paid for personally, or by the organisation and offered as part of learning and development. Get in touch with us to begin your journey today.

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