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Using the latest thinking, proprietary frameworks, innovative technologies, and the extensive experience of our people, we design strategic solutions for hard issues (strategy, systems, processes and technologies) and soft issues (soft skills and leadership development). Through our extensive global network we facilitate linkages that lead to growth, expansion and access to new markets. We focus on three main areas to help SMEs in the EMEA and APAC regions drive accelerated growth and increased profitability:
  1. Strategy Consulting
  2. Tech and Innovation
  3. Market Expansion


Creating, Capturing and Maintaining Value

In today’s highly dynamic global marketplace, only future-thinking and adaptable organisations can remain relevant and maintain a competitive edge. All organisations, irrespective of size, need strategic thinking and good corporate strategies to create value, develop a unique selling advantage and capture both market share and mind share. Our corporate strategy solutions are particularly useful if your organisations is newly established or wants to compete in particular markets whilst improving existing business units. Send us a request for proposal or information.


Enhancing Human Capital for Personal Excellence and Peak Performance

We strongly believe that organisations that thrive and excel understand that investing in their human capital for personal excellence and peak performance is important. A strong leadership strategy aligns your company’s investment in leadership development with the long-term strategy and business goals. This means that we help your company identify the types of leaders needed, where and when they are needed, their skills and the leadership styles required to help your company achieve positive outcomes. In addition to that, we take a look at performance management systems that support the development of leaders within your organisation, providing leadership coaching, executive coaching and training solutions where required. We help your leaders up-level their communication skills, interpersonal skills, public image, team engagement, negotiation skills and more. Get in touch with us for more information.


Bespoke Tech Solutions for Higher Performance

We provide IT strategy and vertical solutions to enable companies in different markets take advantage of Internet technologies and applications to drive high performance and growth without having to hire IT staff or do the work themselves. Such companies could be start-ups, scale-ups or established companies that are launching an e-commerce branch of their existing business. For example, an educational institution might need help with configuration and administration of its information management, reporting and payment applications on an ongoing basis, eliminating the need to hire more staff for the same tasks. Another example is a retailer setting up an e-commerce platform that needs a shopping cart, inventory management and payment systems. Our IT specialists have extensive experience building systems for government institutions and global organisations like the UN and AMREF. Get in touch today and we shall schedule an in-depth consultation to understand your needs and how we can provide IT solutions to meet your company objectives.


Leveraging Technology for Improved Business Performance and Competitive Advantage

Technology has drastically changed the way companies do business and their ability to compete in their individual industries. A team that does not have digital skills is bound be a liability to any company. Our digital strategy focuses on helping your company use technology to improve business performance and create competitive advantages. This could mean changes to existing systems and processes, or creation of new ones. Often, implementation of digital strategies may involve training or retraining some or all of the workforce, reorganising systems and structures, or creating new jobs within the business. We can help your organisation create a roadmap and implement what is needed. Send us a request for proposal or information.


Building a Stand-Out Brand

Standing out in the business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C), and increasing brand equity and revenue require a clear brand marketing strategy that is executed in a timely and professional manner. Brand marketing is more than just acquiring market share. It’s also acquiring mind share and becoming the first choice when prospects and customers think of a supplier or service provider. Having worked with both start-ups, scale ups and established businesses, we have extensive experience in end-to-end brand development including:

  1. Aligning brand strategy with business objectives
  2. Identifying and researching the target client(s)
  3. Developing brand positioning or market positioning
  4. Clarifying the value proposition or brand message
  5. Developing a brand name, logo and tagline
  6. Developing marketing content
  7. Developing website or app to deliver the brand promise
  8. Building a marketing toolkit to drive sales
  9. Tracking implementation and results

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Conflict Resolution 
Connect, Convince and Convert

The future of any company depends on the effectiveness of its sales strategy. We help companies look at how viable, profitable and sustainable their revenue models are, and how they plan to generate leads and convert them to clients. Our sales experts have extensive experience in helping clients increase revenue by up to 80%. Send us a request for proposal or information.


Expansion and Access to New Markets

One of the most effective growth strategies is market expansion through collaborations, joint ventures or strategic partnerships in key target markets. This is simple when your network extends to the relevant markets. But how do you access a market where you do not have a strong network or good knowledge of the different nuances of operating in that market? By virtue of our experience as well as the strength of networks we have built over the years we have the capacity to help our clients access new markets, offering them the opportunity to create linkages and tap into various markets quickly and strategically. Reach out to us about ways we can help with your company’s market expansion strategy.


Better Employee & Leadership Engagement for Increased Productivity

Did you know that over 70% of the global workforce is disengaged? study by global consultancy, Deloitte, found that for businesses to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace, investment in employee engagement is a must. Employee disengagement has a direct impact on team performance and productivity, which ultimately drive profits down. No organisation wants that. We are pleased to be working strategically with Engage & Grow™ Global to provide a tried and tested fast-track program to engage employees from top-down with high impact results in 6 to 12 weeks. The Engage & Grow™ System is an employee engagement solution like no other in the market. This revolutionary immersive action-based system is a weekly, facilitated, group session that is customised for any business. It is specifically designed to activate the minds of your employees by tapping into the finer points of neurology and the science of motivation. You may be pleased to know no papers and pens are required during sessions. Your team or company will be fully immersed in the transformation process with outstanding results.

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Navigating Change Strategically

Undertaking projects or initiatives to improve performance and productivity, maximise opportunities or address issues that impact growth and development, will often require making changes to processes, job roles, organisational structures or types and uses of technology. The biggest impact is on employees who must change how they do their job for the initiative to be successful. If the transition is not well planned and managed, your organisation risks creating disengagement and wasting valuable time and resources. An organisational development strategy can improve organisational effectiveness whilst ensuring that your people, strategies, objectives, systems & processes remain aligned. Get in touch with us for more information on how we can support your company.


We design competitive strategies and facilitate profitable linkages for growing businesses