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Highly interactive, engaging and effective in-house training customised to your team and business.

Profitable and Sustainable Growth Strategies

Using the latest thinking, proprietary frameworks, technology, and our extensive experience, we design and implement solutions for hard issues (strategy, systems, structures, and policies) and soft issues (developing skills, behaviours, attitudes, culture and leadership styles that deliver optimal performance).

We use our sensibility and methods to match your organisation’s needs with what is technologically feasible and design the most viable and sustainable strategy that converts into customer value and market opportunity.

  • Corporate strategy
  • Leadership strategy
  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Revenue growth strategy

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Strengthen Business Transformation

Executive Coaching is an experiential process that happens in “real time” within the context of the executive’s job to enhance productivity and performance. Motivation for seeking out coaching may revolve around personal skills development, personal excellence, achieving balance, handling stress or overwhelm, leading or managing people, effective communication, conflict resolution or career progression / transition.

Working for over 10 years with high-level professionals, we’ve seen our clients overcome an array of challenges including, but not limited to:

  • Lack of clarity – which affects focus and progress in life and business
  • Lack of confidence – which impacts communication and influence required for leadership and organisational growth
  • Lack of strategy – not knowing where to start or how to execute plans of action
  • Lack of structure – which wastes valuable time and resources
  • Low productivity – not achieving required results in a timely and effective manner
  • Poor performance – which hinders team and organisational progress
  • Ineffective leadership – impacting influence and team building for organisational growth
  • Performance paralysis – zero action which equals no achievement and demoralisation
  • Poor communication – impacting on valuable business relationships and ability to drive vision
  • Stress, overwhelm and burnout – which has a direct impact on health and wellbeing as well as performance and profits

These tend to be common challenges for professionals at senior or c-suite level. The support of an experienced certified and accredited coach can help greatly to minimise or eliminate the impact of these challenges.

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Take Your Leadership Skills from Strength to Strength

Whether you are a new or seasoned leader, we can help you define and develop your leadership style, brand and strategy so you lead with impact and influence both within your organisation and in your industry.

Some of our experts seat on boards of different organisations and have extensive experience working at board level and with C-suite executives. Our leadership development solutions may be just what you need to help you tap into unlimited inspiration and create a strategic and workable growth plan in anticipation of what the future holds for yourself, your team or your organisation.

We help our leaders uplevel their communication skills, interpersonal skills, public image, team engagement, negotiation skills and more.

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Build Better Employee & Leadership Engagement

Did you know that over 70% of the global workforce is disengaged? study by global consultancy, Deloitte, found that for businesses to maintain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace, investment in employee engagement is a must. Employee disengagement has a direct impact on team performance and productivity, which ultimately drive profits down. No organisation wants that. 

We are pleased to be working strategically with Engage & Grow™ Global to provide a tried and tested fast-track program to engage employees from top-down with high impact results in only 12 weeks. The Engage & Grow™ Group Activation System is an employee engagement solution like no other on the market. This revolutionary action-based system is a weekly, facilitated, group session that is customised for any business. It is specifically designed to activate the minds of your employees by tapping into the finer points of neurology and the science of motivation. You may be pleased to know no papers and pens are required during sessions. Your team or company will be fully immersed in the transformation process with outstanding results.

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Navigate Change Strategically

Undertaking projects or initiatives to improve performance and productivity, maximise opportunities or address issues that impact growth and development, will often require making changes to processes, job roles, organizational structures or types and uses of technology. The biggest impact is on employees who must change how they do their job for the initiative to be successful. If the transition is not well planned and managed, your organisation risks creating disengagement and wasting valuable time and resources.

We focus on organisational change management, which is complementary to project management. We identify the groups or people who will need to change, ways they will need to change and how they can be supported through the process. We create customised plans for awareness, coaching, training and leadership, coaching needed needed in order to navigate change successfully. 

Invest in a Culture that Enables Growth

Culture is the heart and soul of your organisation and is the only point of differentiation that distinctly sets your organisation apart from others. Changing the culture of an existing organisation can be more challenging than creating culture in a brand new organisation or team. This is because people must unlearn old values, mindsets and behaviours before they can learn new and more profitable ones.

An organisation’s culture reflects its deepest values, beliefs and mindsets and is embedded in every layer of the organisation system. Culture change is a long-term large-scale process and will invariably impact the entire organisation. Therefore it should be handled with extreme caution and sensitivity to avoid adversely affecting performance, productivity and profits.

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Turn Conflict Into Opportunities

In any professional setting, conflict is to be expected. One of the keys to successful organisational growth is not to avoid conflict but to have systems in place that allow for conflicts to be resolved in a healthy and productive way.

We have worked internationally helping clients resolve both internal and external conflict at senior level through communication skills training, emotional intelligence training, mediation, negotiation and engaging public relations professionals.

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Negotiate Your Way to Success

Developing long-term partnerships and professional relationships is an important part of organisational growth. These relationships can break down if negotiations of any kind go wrong. Breakdowns may also occur due to misunderstandings or poor communication.

The key to nurturing partnerships and professional relationships that yield over time is effective negotiation. We can help you negotiate in writing or in person through coaching or as a bench-member during in-person negotiations to secure business contracts or deals. Please speak to us directly about your negotiation needs and we will assign the most suitable consultant to help you achieve your goals.

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